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Review: BoozeBud Advent Calendar 2016 Days 16-20

We’re reviewing the BoozeBud Advent Calendar for 2016. You can find days 1-5 heredays 6-10 here and days 11-15 here.

Days 16 – 20

Day 16: Hope Nation Brewing Co. – The Buzz American Red.  Alright, not as good as others I have tried.

Day 17: Woolshed Brewery – Summer Ale. Smooth crisp fully sick really good beer.

Day 18: Wolf of the Willows – Extra Pale Ale. Very hoppy, ok for a hoppy beer.

Day 19: Fox Hat – Lusty Lager. The sweet flavour hides the fact that this actually had quite a high alcohol content. I like lagers and this is a good one. Hard to choose between Day 17 and this one.

Day 20: Pirate Life Brewing – Pale Ale. Strong and malty for a pale ale. Darker in colour as well. The first sip was not what I expected but by the time I finished the beer it left a nice taste in my mouth for another. Alright. But not as good as yesterday’s.

Fox Hat Lusty Lager

A strong hoppy lager, fermented cool and clean and hopped with a heavy hand.

To the eye: A dense pure white head greets the eye. Golden orange and brilliant in clarity – lusty is a most attractive beer.

Up your nose: Breathe her in, she’s clean and fresh. Notes of apricot, melon and tropical fruit fill your nose, and hints of spice and cedar follow.

In your mouth: Her svelte malt body leads to seductive flavours. A list bitterness and clean crisp finish relies her 6.0% alcohol.

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