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Review: BoozeBud Advent Calendar 2016 Days 11-15

We’re reviewing the BoozeBud Advent Calendar for 2016. You can find days 1-5 here, and days 6-10 here.

Days 11 – 15

Day 11: Mismatch Brewing – Extra Pale Ale. Hopsy and strong on the booze.

Day 12: Mechant Brewing Co – Hasselsloth West Coast IPA. “Big, bold, sexy” claims the bottle. Eli said it was certainly Big and Bold, but it made her create faces every time she sipped. The question was “Do I want to have another sip?”

Day 13: Vale Brewing – Lager. It was just good, a good lager. I like lagers. Nom nom. You could drink a lot of this.

Day 14: Prickly Moses – Chardonnay IPA. The back of this one is filled with praise for the careful choice of ingredients but doesn’t really explain the flavour. Pretty good. This one is stronger than Day 13, so it’s more of a single, one-off something different beer. Like if you have to drive home.

Day 15: Cavalier Brewing – Brown Ale. It’s pretty good for a brown ale, but I don’t actually like brown ales…

Vale Brewing Lager

This is our interpretation of what a new world craft lager should be. Approachable, sessionable, balanced and flavoursome. This beer is filtered for smooth and refreshing crispness with medium carbonation. The 100% malted grain profile is a combination of pilsner, carapils and light munich, whilst the hop bill includes the noble German hop Tettnang, Australian Helga and NZ Pacifica. The sweet malt characters are balanced by the earthy spice and fresh citrus kick and floral notes derived from the hops.

Inspired to buy it? Use our referral link to get us some free booze! You’ll get 15% off your first order, and we’ll get $10 of credit. Leave us a comment here to let us know you ordered, and keep BoozeBud honest about their referral scheme (I couldn’t work out if the referral link actually worked).

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