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Review: Marley Spoon 2 Person Box

I got a promotional code for Marley Spoon in my inbox for $35 off plus free shipping. To get the best deal, I ordered a 2 Person box with 2 meals. This came to a total of $15 for two meals ($7.50 per meal)… don’t mind if I do!

This came with two paper bags of the produce for each meal, as well as a separate cool bag with the two meat products in it. It also came with printed copies of the recipes. It was very handy to have the recipe to hand, and I didn’t have to worry about spilling anything on it. However, we’re probably going to compost/recycle it. If we cooked this again, we probably wouldn’t need the printed copy. I wonder if that’s an option to request?

What I didn’t like was the sheer amount of single-use packaging it came with. The cornflour came in a little baggy and not all of it was used. It also was pretty excessive with having separate brown bags for the ingredients – I’m pretty sure I can work out what goes in each meal.

Oregano Pork Steaks with Mexican-Spiced Quinoa and Vegies

We cooked this meal first. It was easy to follow, and the instructions for cooking the pork were spot on. Two people cooked this meal in my household, but you would totally be able to cook it by yourself. This one had quite a few steps and details to follow compared to Dinnerly.

We used all of the tomato paste provided (it asks you to use only half), and could have had a little more in it. You could easily substitute in fresh tomatoes instead of tomato paste. It did ask for red wine vinegar, and we didn’t have any, so we used apple cider vinegar instead. That didn’t cut the spice as much as red wine vinegar would. If you don’t like spicy things, this isn’t going to be for you.

Nutritionally, it’s going to keep you full for a couple of hours – we shared it into four generous portions. If you only eat one meal a day, you’re going to be wanting to share with only one other person.

Ginger Pork Stir-Fry with Teriyaki and Jasmine Rice

One person cooked this meal, and it was manageable. The timing was good – the veggies and meat were both perfectly cooked. The recipe sucks with the order though – prep the veggies first & marinate the pork, THEN cook the rice. Don’t start the rice first, or otherwise it will be cold.

It only came with one clove of garlic, which was a bit skimpy, so we added a bit more jarred garlic. It was nice to have pork instead of chicken for a change – it was prechopped. The chilli provided for this was NOT mild, It said to remove the seeds, but even with those removed, it was far too spicy. I had to gulp milk almost straight from the carton to cool my mouth.

The ginger rice was very tasty – I’d definitely make white rice in future with a bit of ginger added while I cooked it. The sauce was good, but nothing special. This is just a regular old stirfry, nothing exciting here. The fancy bits should have been the coriander and the chilli, but I hate coriander, and as previously stated, the chilli was too spicy.

Overall the experience with the slightly-more-expensive Marley Spoon was worse than the one by the slightly-cheaper Dinnerly (review here). They work out to be almost exactly the same price, and although the Marley Spoon box provided more ingredients, it came with far more waste as well.

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