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Review: Dinnerly 2 Person Box

A Dinnerly invite appeared in my Inbox for $15 off first box plus free shipping. How could I resist? I’d been keen to try these boxes for a while and this was the perfect opportunity. I hopped onto the website to check out the offers. To get the best bang for my buck, I opted for the 2 person, 3 meal package coming in at $28.50. That makes it around $10 a meal, which is pretty reasonable considering we used it to feed three people.

The box came in the middle of Thursday night, and I received a text when it got here. It was in a sturdy cardboard box, with all of the ingredients loose in there. It came with two cold blocks and everything was still chilly. We put everything straight in the fridge, and didn’t read that the peas were supposed to be kept frozen (oops!).

You need to access the recipes on the website which is a plus in my book for saving the environment! The recipes are simple and super easy to follow.

The veggies all came ‘naked’, but the meats came in plastic wrap (pretty standard). The stock cubes were individually wrapped within another plastic package! They do state that their packaging is redcyclable, but it’s not really pleasant washing meat wrap. Perhaps I’m just spoiled by my local butcher letting me use my own containers…

malaysian chicken curry

Malaysian Chicken Curry with Quinoa

This smelled amazing, and tasted pretty good too. All three household members said they would make it again, which is saying something.

Everything came in the box, and we were asked to provide white wine vinegar and soy sauce. Oops! We forgot to add both of these, and it was fine anyway.

This is the first time I think I’ve ever cooked or eaten quinoa. The darn word is so tricky to say, too! Quinoa is fine as far as I’m concerned, but maybe if you’re used to white rice this is a good step in between to brown rice. The flavour is very mild and the mouth-feel (how pretentious!) is pretty good too.

Lamb and Mint Flatbreads with Middle Eastern Spices

Lamb and Mint Flatbreads with Middle Eastern Spices

It was ok. I wouldn’t probably make this with ingredients I bought myself. The spicing was a bit blah. We made a mistake and chopped the cucumber the wrong way – but even if we’d sliced it as recommended, there would have been an excess! (I ate the spare, yum yum).

I also didn’t make the mayonnaise sauce, we had yoghurt instead to cut any potential spice – but it just wasn’t that spicy. I also chopped the mint up finely to help it blend in a little more.

We had two each for three people, which probably wasn’t quite enough. It’d be a correct sizing for two people (which is who it’s aimed at).

We needed to provide tomato paste (easy, we just kept the jar and had pizza the next night), red wine vinegar (replaced with apple cider vinegar) and garlic cloves (tossed in some jarred garlic instead).

French-Style Chicken and Leek with Roasted Potatoes and Peas

French-Style Chicken and Leek with Roasted Potatoes and Peas

This was tasty, but overall unmemorable. I cooked this one by myself, and for once the potatoes came out done and on time with the rest of the meal! The carrot that was sent with it was a bit dried out and splitting by the time I made the meal, 5 days post delivery. If I was to make it again (which I probably wouldn’t) I’d make more roast veggies.

It asked us to provide plain flour, dijon mustard (I had the leftovers of a jar from making chutney, so I washed out the jar with boiling water and tossed it in), and again, garlic cloves (used jarred garlic). Of course it also needed olive oil, butter, salt and pepper.

I guess they’re trying to keep to healthy proportions or something, but the recipe asked for me to use only half the peas and one stock cube (two were provided). I chucked it all in since we were feeding three. The chicken turned out quite tasty, but overall it was a bit boring.

So overall, this was a pretty good deal. I probably wouldn’t buy it again at full price as I’m confident enough to do it by myself, but it’s good if there’s a promotion on. Note that you can’t use the friend referral program unless you are currently subscribed.

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