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Product Review: Napoleone Apple Cider

“This combination of apple varieties delivers a unique flavour and the ideal balance of acidity, sweetness and tannins. Displaying bright aromas of crisp apple with subtle vanilla and cinnamon character from some minimal oak contact, this cider is still wonderfully refreshing with a clean, dry finish.”

Yes, well, I think it has a clean dry finish. But I don’t think it is very apple-y at all. A disappointing apple cider that is closer to a hard cider. It’s still far better than your regular hard cider, but it’s just not that great for someone who enjoys apple flavour. It’s superior to a Somersby in that it isn’t as sweet and cloying though.

Edit: I’ve now had this on tap, and I would move this down on my list of ciders to buy. It just had almost no flavour. I wouldn’t purchase it again.

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