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7 Ways to Make Money Online

We’d all like to receive free things, right? Well here I’ve listed 3 ways you can sign up to be on Product Testing lists, and 4 surveys. All of these are available to Australians, although The Black Box is limited to only three states.

Product Testing

  • Woolworths Bunch – You’ll need your Woolworths Rewards number to sign up for this. You may or may not receive products, as yet I’ve gotten nothing.
  • Aldi Testers Club – Really exclusive! They only take 100 testers a year, and currently I couldn’t find a way to sign up.
  • The Black Box – I signed up for this in February 2018 and am yet to receive anything (or even hear from them). I didn’t even remember having signed up, and tried to do so again!


  • Vindale Research – Provides a platform to register for a range of other survey sites such as MySurvey Panel. UPDATE: I receive a LOT of emails from them, and don’t qualify for 9/10 surveys. You don’t get anything for being unable to complete a survey. I’m leaving this survey service.
  • Red Galah – You’ll need to actually do these product tests in person. When you sign up you’ll be asked where you live, and where you are willing to travel to.
  • Swagbucks – I’ve been a member of Swagbucks for a number of years and still haven’t cashed anything out (EDIT: I cashed out $25 worth of Dan Murphy’s rewards in time for Christmas). I find that I usually don’t qualify for most surveys (maybe I don’t buy enough products?) but you are still rewarded with a token amount of SBs. There are some pathetic income to be had from watching videos (I usually just leave them open in the background as I work).
  • Octopus Group – Apparently one of the highest paid survey platforms out there. You can cash out at $20.

I’ll be updating this post when/if I receive products or cash out from these programs! Are there any money-making online schemes you use?

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