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Australian Birthday Rewards 2018

It was recently my birthday, and I naturally celebrated with a bunch of free things for my birthday! My week went like this:

Tuesday: The Piano Guys concert!!! Not free, but it was amazing! We had prime seating three rows from the stage and I could watch what I wanted to watch.

Wednesday: Birthday day! We had free Churros (share plate for 2), Ferguson Plarre and attempted to get a free Starbucks coffee, but our store no longer offers that. Churros were amazing! We hadn’t eaten them since my birthday last year. Fergusson Plair was really a bust, since they only gave me a voucher for $3 (that I had to print), and everything in the store is more expensive than that. So I spent $1.20 on getting a hazelnut donut. Mmmm…

Thursday: My actual birthday, celebrated with a Boost Juice. I don’t think I have purchased a Boost for more than a year, but I did have a period I was drinking them every day as a food substitute. I blame the PhD.

Friday: A full day of work… and my free 6 inch Subway and 600ml drink. Note that Subway will only let you use it at your preferred store, but it is valid for 3 days before and after your birthday. I love Subway, and I ate quite a lot of it while we were in the US because it was one of the only ‘healthy’ meal options available.

Saturday: Birthday cake! A trial run for the wedding cake *gulp*

Sunday: Pressie day with the family. Here’s to getting another rotating compost bin… I’ve actually run out of room of where to put them now that I have 3!

After I bragged about celebrated my birthday freebies with my workmates, one of them suggested a bunch more free things I could try for next year! So I’ve now signed up for:

I also tried for Salsas, but they require you to already have a rewards card.

So there you have it. Free food for a birthday, and next year more free food and maybe some gifts! Are there any birthday specials that you are signed up for?

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