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Restaurant Review: Ledo’s Pizza Stevensville MD

I actually ended up eating pizza from this place twice! It was my uncle’s go-to shop, so the second to last night we thought we had better try it.

We sat ourselves and made friends with the older couple on the table next to us, who helpfully pointed out what pizza sizes might be suitable. They also handed over the wifi password, but I didn’t have much of a chance to check out the internet speed because our food came very quickly.

We ordered a spinach salad with blue-cheese dressing and no onions. There was a total of 4 baby tomatoes. The sauce received rave reviews from KK and Eli, and I noted that it actually had chunks of cheese in it. The spinach was fresh and not wilty.

KK had the calamari and chips, minus the spicy red peppers. I’ve never seen chips like the ones here! They were like mesh nets but still actual chips (rather than what I would call crisps that come in a package!). They had some sort of spicy ?salt? on them which was also good. The calamari passed muster but KK preferred the 4 cheese pizza I had ordered.

I was disappointed in the 4 cheese pizza. I love asiago cheese for its tang, and I was so excited for it! But it just tasted like a regular old Margarita. Instead I shared Eli’s Ray’s BBQ Chicken pizza, which was excellent. Mmm, Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce. I wasn’t excited by the bacon, but I’m just over bacon. The crusts were nice and crisp and not too thick.

Afterwards the bill came to a very reasonable $51. So then I had to work out how to tip on the damn thing! I think we didn’t do the process right, because we put the tip in with the bill (cash). I had to tell our waitress (who also turned out to be the manager) to keep the tip. The tip economy here is disgusting with them with such a low wage. The manager has to work more than one job and she’s been in the industry for 19 years!

Our second experience was the night after of a take-home box of 3 large pizzas: Margarita, Pepperoni, and Sausage & black olive. I didn’t think that any of the pizzas were something special, but I wasn’t in charge of the ordering anyway. Oh! I should have mentioned that the pizzas were square, and the pieces maybe 2×2 inches. The pepperoni pizza had one piece of pepperoni per slice. It was plenty of food for 2 kids & 8 adults because no-one was greedy. We’d had leftover pizza for lunch and were pretty much pizza-ed out. Salad! I crave salad!

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