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Review: BoozeBud Advent Calendar 2016 Days 6-10

This is Part 2 of Eli reviewing the BoozeBud Advent Calendar for Christmas, which is apparently the best gift I have ever given her!

Days 6 – 10

Day 6: Temple – Powerstance Pilsner. Went down too quickly to have an opinion! “It was nice.” – Eli

Day 7: Stockade Brew Co. – 8bit India Pale Ale. This one gets points for its cute logo! Not very hopsy, but still bitter enough.

Day 8: Holgate brewhouse – Extra Strong Bitters. Nothing special. Not my favourite.

Day 9: Mountain Goat Beer – Fancy Pants. This beer is literally called ‘Fancy Pants’. Tiny head, dark colour. Not my flavour, not bad.

Day 10: Balmain Brewing Company – Originality Pilsnar – Nice. Hoppy, but just the right amount. Could go another.

It was a close call between Day 6 and Day 10. Day 10 may have suffered because Eli simply had to drink it with Day 11 due to going out to a work Christmas party!

Temple – Powerstance Pilsner

Temple’s Powerstance Pilsner is brewed with 100% German Pilsner malt and noble German hops. This pilsner displays complete traditional characteristics, true to style. An 8 week lagering period ensures a smooth, full flavoured pilsner with a slight malt sweetness and a crisp, dry finish backed by a firm spicy bitterness.

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