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Review: The Organic Butler Organic Fruit Box #2

This is a sponsored review – I received a free product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions remain my own and not a reflection of the company’s values.

This is my second review of The Organic Butler. After my first unfavourable review, the owner of the company left me a comment asking whether they could offer me a free box in exchange for a review. You bet! I love free things! You can read my original review round up post of !NINE! different fruit boxes here.

A Seasonal FRUIT Box – usual price $70 + no delivery charge

  • 2x mangos
  • 2x grapefruit
  • 16x apricots
  • 8x nectarines
  • 5x peaches
  • 1x box of cherries
  • 7x bananas
  • 12x oranges

My produce was delivered on a Friday, in a styrofoam box covered with plastic. Not great for the environment compared to my current prefered company who delivers in a reusable plastic tub. I swiftly recycled the styrofoam box into a planter though so it wasn’t all bad.

The good: It had cherries! And stone fruit! I love summer fruit. Also, it was so nice NOT to get apples for a change. Apples are such a standard fruit, and with so many different kinds of fruit available at the moment, it would be sad to get more of them.

The bad: The bananas and mangos changed from unripe to overripe very quickly, and then mangos never became particularly tasty.

The ugly: One of the peaches arrived mouldy already, and the rest rapidly ripened on the outside while remaining hard on the inside. The grapefruit were more pith and peel than fruit – I salvaged this situation by making candied grapefruit peel.

The final verdict: This box is an improvement over before which might be due to a number of factors. The packing details have changed, and I can attest to the fact that the softer fruit such as the nectarines were packed on top of the citrus fruit. Additionally, The Organic Butler stopped offering fruit boxes over Winter 2 weeks after my original order date – they maintain that Winter fruit is just not as good as the rest of the year.

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