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Review: from the earth The All Fruit Box

This is my fourth fruit box review! My first was on Aussie Farmers Direct, and I was really disappointed. My second was on Organic Angels, which had great produce but was pretty expensive. My third was on Ceres Fair Food, which had great variety in its produce.

Next on the list was from the earth fruitnveg. The week before my delivery was due, I got a text asking if I’d like to get my produce early! I turned them down, but it seems like it has great customer service. An update to this was that they were super friendly about everything, including me not ordering more fruit for the following week (so they had to come get my box anyway).

The All Fruit Box – $29.40 including delivery ($4.40)

  • 8x apples
  • 6x mandarines
  • 3x pears
  • 4x bananas
  • 4x (massive!) kiwi fruit
  • 1x bag red grapes
  • 250g strawberries
  • 0.5x rockmelon
  • 1x avocado (what?!?!?)

My delivery day was Wednesday afternoon, and it was placed just inside my doorstep. It came in a fancy plastic box with a cold-pack, so it’ll need to be picked up by the company again. I really appreciated the extra effort to keep the produce tasty, and to make a difference by not creating more recycling.

The good: Ahhhh. This rockmelon was just right – we ate it in one night. The grapes were crispy and the variety was great in this box.

The bad: There were complaints from Eli on the deliciousness of the kiwi fruit compared to last week. The strawberries did grow a bit of mould (I lost 3 strawberries), but I didn’t eat them the minute they got here, so that’s pretty standard. The avocado was edible but not amazing. I’m putting that down as my fault though, because it had to go in and out of the fridge away from the plaster dust from renovating the kitchen…

The ugly: Nothing. My only problem was not enough bananas! I’d trade pears for bananas any day.

The final verdict: This box was great. I think this might even be exactly the right size for us. At the moment, this is the frontrunner of all the other boxes. There are yet more to explore though! Stay tuned…

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