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Review: Ceres Fair Food The Fruit Box

This is my third fruit box review! My first was on Aussie Farmers Direct, and I was really disappointed. My second was on Organic Angels, which had great produce but was pretty expensive.

Next on the list was Ceres Fair Food. They seem to have everything you could want (which is becoming normal for these kinds of delivery services). They are also organic certified, but they were a little impersonal compared to Organic Angels, but I’m after the fruit really…

The Fruit Box – this was $46.74 including delivery ($6.75).

  • 9x apples
  • 6x oranges
  • 4x pears
  • 9x bananas
  • 15x nashi pears
  • 9x kiwi fruit
  • 4x persimmons
  • 1x lime
  • 1x rockmelon

My delivery day was Wednesday afternoon, and it was placed just inside my doorstep. Man was I hanging out for fruit by then!

I had to look up what the persimmons were. It might interest you to know that the search term ‘fruit looks like a tomato with 4 broad leaves’ brought up images that allowed me to identify it. I was pretty sure I had the ‘fuyu’ kind that is sweetest when crunchy – a bite said yes, but it wasn’t that delicious. An acquired taste?

The good: There were lots of nashi pears! And the kiwi fruit got high regards from Eli. I have to say that there was more fruit than we could perhaps eat in a week, which was fantastic.

The bad: The bananas went brown before I could eat them all, and some developed actual brown spots. I was eating 2 a day, and still didn’t make it. I’ll know to freeze them next time perhaps.

The ugly: Once again, the rockmelon was an epic fail. They aren’t even in season (they are best in summer), so I’m not surprised. This one was hard, then didn’t smell rockmelon-y and then I noticed that it was becoming squishy at one end with mould spots. Sure enough, the inside was pretty much inedible. I think if there is an option to opt-out, I’ll tell them I don’t like rockmelon in future. I do like it, but I haven’t had a good one yet.

The final verdict: this box was great. The variety was fantastic, and the volume per $$ was worth it too. So far, I think this box is getting my vote for being our long-term supply. I still have two boxes left to try though, so we’ll see.

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  1. Jen Jen

    I received my Good Gut Box and was rather dissapointed with the contents ; the bananas will take about a week to ripen; the oranges are only partially ripe ; i dont eat lime or was it an unripe lemon? Too many greens which is bad news for people who have IBS; (a better choice of fruit would be mangos; cantalope, berries; cherries; RIPE bananas; A better choice of vegetables would be mushrooms; cherry tomatoes; the carrots were pitiful; I missed out on the bread by 10mins but they didnt mind taking the money anyway of which they refuse to refund – they have only credited to my account; only 1 sweet potato (ordinnary potatos suffice if you have IBS and a much better choice). I propbably wont be using you again for the same price i can go to my local shopping centre and get quality food there. Meredith Dairy claims their cheese is organic on their website ; yet Ceres says its not organic ; (so which is it)? Also Meredith Dairy support Halal Certification which i do not agree with as 1) they are dairy products we are dealing with and 2) not meat products, and Halal Slaughter is anything BUT ethical. Extremely dissapointed for what i paid. And i am really anoyed about the bread . 10mins late no bread except the condiments to put it on. A bit of flexibility would go a long way especially when i had nearly finished the orered and messaged Ceres requesting the bread to be sliced! Very poor indeed.

    • I’m sorry to hear you had such a poor experience. That bread problem would have made me mad too – they’re pretty much making you order again to spend up your credit on something you no longer want!

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