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Review: Aussie Farmers Direct Couples Fruit Only + Fruit Salad Set

Eli and I love fruit. We eat fruit like it is vegetables. Which in our household, I’d better hope they count as the same thing, or otherwise I’d never get my serves a day. Anyway, most of our meals are prepared from the freezer or cupboard as long life because I never know what the day will turn out like. We prefer to go to Aldi once a fortnight (month??) to get staples. That means that we run out of fruit sometime in the first week, and then we are very sad 🙁 Since going shopping just for fruit means that it just doesn’t get done, I’m now on a hunt for a delivery service for fruits!

First on the list was Aussie Farmers Direct. I had ordered a mixed produce box a long time ago (on sale no doubt), and remembered that the produce was generally of a poor to ok quality. I live in a different area now, so I had hopes.

I ended up getting two boxes, because I wanted to get free delivery. I actually tossed out the lists of what was in the boxes, and I bought/ate them about a week ago, so you’ll need to trust my somewhat faulty memory what was in each one.

Fruit Only Box (couples) – this was ‘on sale’ for $22

  • 1x green grapes
  • 1x pineapple
  • 4x apples
  • 4x oranges
  • 4 x pears
  • 4x bananas
  • 4x plums

Fruit Salad Set – this was priced at $10

  • 1x red grapes (seedless)
  • 1x rockmelon
  • 1x pineapple
  • ?x oranges

Somehow, my total ended up at $25.50, I have a feeling I might have added a discount code or something. My delivery day was a Tuesday afternoon, and it was placed just inside my doorstep in two cardboard boxes.

The good: The pineapples were amazing and ripened perfectly. I had no complaints about the pears, bananas or oranges.

The bad: The apples were hit and miss. Some were perfectly crispy as I would expect from new season apples, and some were meally. Both sets of grapes were not as crisp as I would have liked, but still ok to eat.

The ugly: The plums never ripened properly, so although they were plum-squishy, they had no flavour. The crowning disaster was the rockmelon – it was ‘ripe’ on the day it arrived, and when I went to chop it up the next morning for breakfast, it turned out that it was completely rotten and inedible.


The final verdict: If I had paid full price on this, I’m pretty sure I would be annoyed. I appreciate it being about the farmers, but if it is coming direct, I expect it to all be edible. Also, as I’m conscious about my food waste, I was completely devastated about the rockmelon. Is it a bargain? This fortnight was a bit weird with Easter, so our eating habits were off so it might not be a clear test. If it was the only option, and it meant I got fruit instead of not? Maybe…

Pass on this one. On to the next fruit delivery service…

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