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Review: Organic Angels Regular Fruit Box

This is my second fruit box review! My first was on Aussie Farmers Direct, and I was really disappointed.

Next on the list was Organic Angels, with the tag line ‘Delivering Goodness’. Obviously it is organic produce, so it is going to be a bit more expensive than your regular food. It seems very friendly and personal, and my list of food included in the box was even hand signed by the packer!

Regular Fruit Box – this was $55.45 including delivery ($8.95).

  • 10x apples
  • 3x oranges
  • 4x pears
  • 11x bananas
  • 4x nashi pears
  • 10x plums
  • 1x rockmelon

My delivery day was Monday afternoon, and it was placed just inside my doorstep.

The good: The bananas came in two bunches – one ripe and the other just a little green. Perfect! The nashi pears were also amazing (I rediscovered that I like them… A lot). Everything else was good.

The bad: The apples were hit and miss, but not as bad as Aussie Farmer Direct – only a minor complaint. I actually cut the rockmelon before it was ripe (a week after it arrived), so the fact that it wasn’t ripe is probably my fault. It did seem like it wasn’t going to get riper though.

The ugly: I ran out of fruit too quickly! I made my next delivery (for the next company) for the following Wednesday, and this box didn’t quite get me there.

The final verdict: I loved what was in this box. All of the fruit was delicious and perfect for eating almost the minute I came home (believe me, I tucked right into those pears). The complaint here is the price! Ouch, double what I paid for the Aussie Farmers Direct box. But the price was well worth it. I’d like to hope I can find a cheaper box with similar quality, so I’ll just keep looking for now.

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