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Review: Netflix Original Skylanders Academy

Ok, so I saw a dragon, and I thought Skylanders Academy could be nifty to watch. Then I realised that only one character was a dragon, and I decided not to watch it.

Come several weeks later, and Eli and I had just finished watching How To Train Your Dragon (Race to the Edge) and needed something new to watch that we wouldn’t get so invested in, Skylanders Academy came up as suggested, so we jumped for it…

By the image, you can see that we didn’t even get through the second episode. The humour was poor (think toilet humour) and the main character utterly unlikeable. It is going for a super hero monster theme, yet fails to deliver. The art doesn’t remind me of anything favourable, and the storyline is just boring and predictable. Maybe there are some life lessons to be learnt here, but I’m pretty sure I missed them for their pure obviousness (like there being a place for planning, and a place for action).

Don’t bother wasting your time on this one. Go past it, and choose something better. We picked All Hail King Julien (another Netflix Original) and weren’t disappointed.

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  1. Lightwavers Lightwavers

    Hmm. Sad to see you felt that way. I’m quite a bit older than the intended audience, yet think the show still delivered quite well. I don’t know what show you watched, but when I saw it the jokes hit right on the mark (especially Glumshanks). It’s true that most of the storylines were the “hit you over the head with a saucepan” type, but then again, this *is* a kid’s show. I suggest try it again, and perhaps clear that old Spyro nostalgia, if you have it. The dragon was what persuaded me to watch this too, so we have that in common. šŸ™‚

    • Hey there,
      Maybe I’ll try again based on your comment. I didn’t even know there was an old Spyro (I suppose I would have shown my age either way I guess). Do you have a favourite episode?

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