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Uber Frugal Month 2017: Days 9-12

As part of a semi-serious New Year’s Resolution (and both of us looking for new jobs), we thought we’d attempt the Uber Frugal Month by Mrs. Frugalwoods. It’s more me wanting to do this, I manage all of the finances, but Eli is also on board.

Day 9:

  • Let frugality sculpt the life you crave.
  • I try to do this. I don’t let frugality get in the way of my enjoyment of life – I want to buy LEGO to play with now, and some for later! I’d love to retire early, but honestly haven’t even started having a real job yet. Stay tuned. If I was financially independant, I would do pretty much what I do now. I like my job, but I want the freedom to drop everything and travel if I want to.

Day 10:

  • Food is a necessity, but expensive food is not!
  • I shop at the discount store, Aldi. There are very few things I don’t buy there, unless they are specialty things. For example, I’ve just made home made hummus for the first time, in an effort to reduce the dried pantry contents. But I had to go out of my way to a different grocery store to buy tahini to go in it. I managed not to buy anything else, yay!

Day 11:

  • Frugality and Friendship are compatible!
  • For the first (well second, if you count our housewarming) time ever, we’re going to be hosting a get-together at our house. It’s an afternoon event, so no need to provide lunch. We are going to provide nibbles, but I asked people to bring a plate. We’ll see how it goes. My homemade hummus and crackers will be a frugal treat.

Day 12:

  • I will make time for the things that matter most.
  • What knee-jerk reactions am I having? I think I’m getting better at curbing everything – focus on just what I am doing now. Don’t look at things to buy, sell the things around the house first. Don’t get distracted, and don’t go out.  The things that matter to me at the moment are finishing up my job – and that has to come first!

We went to our first Brickvention! It’s a big LEGO get together with a bunch of different cool models different people have made. We were originally going to be frugal and catch the train in to the city, but it ended up to be raining and miserable. So we took the car, and made sure that we met the parking requirements – in by 8:30am, out by 2:30pm. Unfortunately, turned out it was supposed to be out AFTER 2:30pm, which made no sense to me whatsoever. I’m going to try emailing the company tomorrow, because $41 is more than double what the rate would have been if we stayed an extra 5 minutes in the car park.

January’s running expenses (and a catalogue of posts in this series so far): 

  1. None
  2. swim -$17.40, PayPal payment for Lego sale $69.40
  3. None
  4. None
  5. apricots for drying -$100, eggs and cockroach bait -$23.10, disposable wipes -$3.99, found $10!
  6. None
  7. None
  8. petrol for both cars -$77.96
  9. fruit and veggies for the guest we had staying -$26.30
  10. None
  11. money onto public transport cards -$20
  12. groceries for the guest we had staying -$106.22
  13. parking in the city -$47!!!!!
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