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Food Waste Friday – almost oranges

If we look at my good waste for just this week, it’s not so bad. I’m still trying to salvage some baby tomatoes that have gone squishy, and I’ve got a lot of fruit to use up.

Last week though, I lost an entire head of lettuce. Eli’s parents bought us some groceries to get us started in our new unit. But two people can’t eat an iceberg lettuce all up on their own.

There were also a couple of apricots that took the long walk, they seemed to go straight from unripe to mouldy.

At the moment, I’ve got oranges to juice. Normally I’d consider it quite a waste, but they aren’t that great for eating and I don’t want to just chuck them out.


And that’s it! How is everyone else going with food waste after the Christmas season?

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