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January Goals 2015

Before I get stuck into my 2015 goals, I want to do a quick review of 2014.

1. I aimed to write down exactly what I spent each day.
I succeeded in this goal right up until December. Then Christmas spending and renovations spending stopped me writing it down (or that’s my excuse for myself).

I managed to blog about it for the first quarter of the year, then dropped off when I got sick of the way WordPress makes tables.

This month I hope to return to doing this. I’ve hopefully streamlined the process somewhat – I’m using BPAY for the bills I can pay in advance, I have a specified spending card, and I’ll aim to consolidate the other things that come out of my account. Also I’ll keep track of the overall levels of money in my accounts.

Am I going to blog about this? I’m undecided – I probably should.

2. I made a pledge to myself to write something everyday.
In between having a blog, emailing friends, writing reviews, writing some fiction, reading and writing about scientific articles and keeping project notes I thought I could manage it.

To some extent, I succeeded with this. I wrote lots of emails back and forth, although it varied between the days I had lots of work.

I stopped writing fiction, and my reviewing streak sort of died off. I read less than last year, and I found myself returning to the same comfort ones when I was stressed.

I did manage some science writing, but not nearly enough.

This month I hope to just get some writing done. Once I have my home office set up, it should be a lot easier for me to manage.

New goals for January 2015. I’m going to make these short and achievable, and review them each month.
– finish sanding and painting the doors in half of the house
– change my medications under guidance. I’ve been having such a shitty time of it lately, I stopped taking my recommended doses. Something needs to change because I’m tired and forgetful and it’s affecting my work.
– have air conditioning installed
– install ceiling fans in the two bedrooms
– pick tiles for the bathroom renovations
– go to the gym 4 times a week I paused my gym membership in December because I wasn’t going. My health demands that I do.
– start swimming one day a week I can’t run and I can’t bike ride. So swimming it is, as I need some sort of cardio

So that’s my list. I could come up with more, but I’d love to be able to tick things off. I’ll put this list on my computer screen, so I can’t forget.

What about you? Any goals?

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