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Uber Frugal Month 2018 – Day 8

This is my second attempt at an Uber-Frugal Month: Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4, Day 5, Day 6, Day 7

Day 8:

Establish shared life goals with your partner.

Last year we said that

  1. “We both love LEGO – spending our spare cash flow on that is something we agree on.” Tick. Our (my) budget includes spending on LEGO and it doesn’t break the bank.
  2. “We see ourselves upgrading to a slightly bigger home in the future, but only after we have already completely paid out our current mortgage.” Not much progress here, we still need to do up the outside of our property (this summer’s goal – but man Melbourne weather is unpredictable).

This year:

  1. Get married! Or at least get engaged (we have the rings and all). We’re just holding off, not because we are unsure about it, but when you get engaged the inevitable question is ‘When’s the wedding’? Eli would like to have it planned more, and our midnight discussion last night established that:
    1. we are ok with getting married at her parent’s place outside in Summer, with
    2. my old schoolfriend as celebrant (you hear me Mat?).
    3. Catering by bring a plate / family, all cold food so there is NO PREP on the day (no dad, you can’t hide in the kitchen).
    4. We both want to be walked down the aisle (so two aisles).
    5. Two white dresses, and I want mine from the Op-shop.
    6. I want The Piano Guy’s Pachelbel Canon to walk down the aisle to.
    7. We’re now talking about the guest list – I have 3 friends (+ partners & kids) who MUST come (one in Perth) and a couple that COULD come (maybe around 5?). I have 3 immediate family members in Australia, and 9 (4 adults, 5 kids) in the USA.  So a minimum of 15. Eli has way more family (immediate: 15, including partners), family in NZ (lots) and slightly more friends (4 + partners come immediately to mind). So that makes it 40 already!
  2. Focus on Eli’s career (or is that a year goal?). I just want her to be happy and progressing, and I will support her to do that however I can. Her life goal is probably to manage her own business, and I’m happy with that!
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