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Uber Frugal Month 2018 – Day 6

This is my second attempt at an Uber-Frugal Month: Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4, Day 5

Day 6:

I can do this! Today you should track your spending and work out your net income (after taxes etc).

I can tell you that I have now got two years of total income and almost three years of expenses. Our savings rate is around 50% over the year. I can even tell you my net worth – not including the unit we live in (I want to get it valued first) and the cars (probably around $15k), furniture (nothing? It was mainly free, but it is classic style), LEGO (actually worth quite a lot) etc.

Income  Gas  Electricity Water  Investment Assets  Home Loan
 2015  $469.20  -$111,499
 2016  $92,580.07  $510.94  5kW/day  $894.69  ~$30,000  -$55,000
 2017  $86,560.84  $549.49  8kW/ day$745.20  $909.61  $73,012.66  -$37,739

You can see that our income took a hit from Eli having two ‘lean’ months of income while she did temp work, and then taking a pay cut for her current job (~$5000/year). Additionally, my income dropped due to the end of my scholarship. The reason we were still able to keep it up was because we started taking boarders and my car started making slightly more income.

You can also see that 2017 was the year I started dumping money into investments rather than our home loan. I aimed to make investments in dividend yielding companies (also Vanguard International and RateSetter) that returned about twice what our mortgage rate was (~4%). I do not count this under ‘income’, because the idea is that the number of shares I own just gets bigger). As things stand, we could have paid off the mortgage with that money at the end of 2017, but our investment yields are better. This year I’m going to throw the excess money at the mortgage and finish it off! Unless something happens…

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