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Five Frugal Things – June 2017 Edition

I’ve picked this up from Katy at The Non-Consumer Advocate. Go look at her latest one!

1) I picked up a pair of RED heels for Eli on sale. Not only were they reduced from $150 to $30, at the register they rang up at $15 because one was slightly faded from sitting on the shelf. A quick brush up and they’ll be perfect. 90% discount? Don’t mind if I do.

2) I managed to get a new tragus bar for Eli for $20. Now, that doesn’t seem cheap, but it came with 4 extra balls for the ends, and those are the things that always go missing. I haven’t come up with a solution to keep them on yet… Superglue? Anyone have any ideas?

3) I resisted buying more Pyrex Snapware containers than I needed. It drives me nuts when I can get a set of 9 from eBay for $70, yet buying the individual containers I actually wanted were $8 each. However, paying for things I don’t need is stupid, so I just bought the two I needed for $17.

4) I finally organised myself to know all the passwords for Eli and my Superannuation accounts (forced retirement accounts). My compulsory work mandated one was going backwards due to being in a Balanced option – and the fees being greater than the returns (UniSuper). I changed it to Aggressive Growth, and hopefully I will see a better return. I in fact suck the money out of this Superannuation once each year, and place it into my INGDirect account instead with lower fees.

5) I have dinner plans to use up some very sad spinach that came in my produce box last week (Thanks FromTheEarth!). I also have some pastry languishing in my freezer, so I’ll use that up.

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