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Review: Zu Relaxation Massage

You know how phones and other electronic gadgets usually fail the minute they end up out of warranty? Well, exactly a week after my massage at Natskin, I woke up and couldn’t move my neck. I ummed and ahhed about getting a massage all day (it’s expensive, I don’t deserve it, I’ll miss out on Eli time), but ended up getting a 30 minute massage at Zu Relaxation for $45, which included a oil treatment. They’re open until 11pm, so after a long day of work you could treat yourself.

This massage was amazing! My masseuse, Ray, pummeled my poor shoulders into submission. It actually felt far better afterward, considering that prior to the treatment I could barely move my neck without wincing. The following day I didn’t feel too sore, and two days after I felt like I had returned good function to my back. It’s early days yet, and I’m pretty sure the pain will come back due to the sheer amount of stress in my life at the moment, but it’s nice while it lasts!

As is I think is traditional with Chinese massage, the massage is ended by ‘chopping’ your back all over. I’m not sure if I love or hate it at this point. I’ll just have to have another sample! I was asked whether I preferred not to have a male masseuse, but honestly I didn’t mind. Actually, I feel like he was able to give me a stronger massage than a woman, when I really needed strong work done!

If you want to try this massage for yourself, Zu Relaxation can be found at 1/90-92 Kingsway, Glen Waverley VIC 3150; phone number (03) 9561 6188.

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