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Review: Natskin North Ringwood Massage

Who doesn’t love having their back massaged? Or being soothed for an hour? I love having my back touched, and a quick head scratch will make any of my days brighter. Enter Natskin, North Ringwood, with a 60 minute relaxation massage.

I bought this deal through RedBalloon, using some of those gift cards I had such a fun time buying. I ended up with an extra set, and decided to ” treat yo’ self “. The experience had a positive rating of 4.5 stars (out of 5) and was close enough to us to be relatively convenient. Additionally, it enabled us to make the most of $200 worth of gift cards, without needing to spend any extra.

The parlor was nice, and we got to chill a bit before our session. There were lots of questions to fill out in regards to health, so I felt like I was being heard about my health issues (nevermind that this was just one massage, not a whole service). Something I actually liked was that they reminded us to use the bathroom before the massage! Nothing worse than having a full bladder while your back is being rubbed.

As a couple, we were able to be massaged in the same room. This didn’t actually make much of a difference to the experience as we weren’t able to hold hands or anything. We stripped down to underwear (I’d put on the pair with the hole that morning!!) and got under the towel for modesty. The room wasn’t too warm, and it did smell good. Instead of our arms being by our sides, there was a nifty little shelf under our heads to rest our arms on. I also didn’t feel too embarrassed to shift my head on the cushion to get just that little bit more comfortable. The masseuses didn’t talk at all, and just briefly asked if the pressure was good enough. It was very peaceful.

Eli’s masseuse was inferior to mine I think. She sat on a squeaky chair while massaging, and disappeared right after the session was over. The lady who treated my back, Rachel, was super nice and told me my shoulders were completely screwed! She said as it was a relaxation massage, she wasn’t able to get as deep as she would like. She said I should probably have some remedial or deep tissue massage done, but in the meantime, I would probably be sore the next day anyway and to drink lots of water. Sure enough, the day after I could barely move my shoulders.

If only I could afford more frequent massages! Going back to doing yoga regularly would probably help too… We received $15 vouchers to return, and I’m really tempted to do it, just once more! The prices are not too bad considering the service level, and I felt like it was well worth it.

Leave the busy world behind and unwind with a therapeutic and relaxing massage in a candle lit room within a luxurious day spa. You’ll relax and drift away in lovely surroundings in the hands of one of our expert therapists. On arrival, you will be required to fill in a short questionnaire and undergo a thorough consultation before being led by your therapist to your treatment room. You will then be left to make yourself comfortable before your therapist commences your treatment. Your 60 minute massage will include a full body relaxation massage which incorporates an Indian scalp massage, and flowing strokes to reduce tension and release muscular fatigue. 

Want to go yourself? They are located in a tiny shopping centre at 176 Warrandyte Road, North Ringwood VIC 3134; phone number 03 98767881. 

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