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Food Waste Friday – mixed lettuce

I confess food waste this week – of food that isn’t even wasted yet. I have a deep cringe in my chest when I think about how I have tossed it out because I know we won’t eat it…

Spinach leaves
Spinach leaves get eaten…
Mixed lettuce
but we don’t eat mixed lettuce.

In my fruit and veggie box this week from From the Earth Fruit and Veg, we received mixed lettuce. I knew we wouldn’t eat it as salad, so I tried putting it in a smoothie. It was so bitter I had to choke the smoothie down, and abandoned the idea. The next step would have been to take it to my parent’s place, because they eat mixed lettuce, but alas, it missed the chance. It’s not gone off yet, but I have tossed it because it simply won’t get eaten. I feel absolutely horrible about it – I need to request in future that I don’t get rocket leaves or mixed lettuce.

In other wins,  I gobbled up the green beans and the broccoli with some old capsicum dip I had lying around, and the carrots from the box went with lamb shanks and leftover tomato paste.

Another week to go before my next box arrives, and I have some snow peas that need to be eaten. I also have some assorted fruit, but I’m just about to make stewed apples, which seems to be my go-to easy breakfast at the moment.

What did you waste this week?

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