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Food Waste Friday – Chocolate?!?


Thanks to The Frugal Girl for this awesome meme for Fridays that highlights just how much food waste goes on in developed countries. 

I have some food waste to report this week…

2015-07-04 10.59.41




Take these potatoes. We went through a stage of eating heaps of baked potatoes with sour cream. And then we went away for a while and completely lost the motivation to cook them. I just left them in the fridge hoping that by ignoring them, my food failure would go away.






My other source of shame this week is chocolate. Eli and I don’t eat much in the way of chocolate, unless it’s the really good expensive stuff. We received quite a lot of Easter chocolate, too much even for me to make into muffin filling. So the options were leaving it there for another year, for us to just look at in the chocolate jar, or binning it. Hopefully worms like chocolate…



Finally, here’s the pictures of my fridge. It’s not particularly great looking, but Saturdays are my food shopping day (yay, ALDI), and I like to have it nice and empty.

2015-07-04 10.57.39

2015-07-04 10.57.48






How did you go for food waste this week? 

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