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How to Grow Perino Tomatoes

Look upon my bountiful harvest. These are the Perino tomatoes that are super expensive in the shops. You can’t buy packet seeds for them. So what did I do?

I took two tomatoes, cut them into halves and shoved them in 4 potting tubes that had a 50:50 compost and dirt mix. I then patiently waited for them to come up. And my goodness, they came up!

I literally had so many tomato plants that I had to put some aside. I was worried that these would be a grafted tomato that would have a poor sprout rate. Not the case. Equally, once I planted them in the ground, they shot up super quickly. The tomato plants basically took over everything else in the garden.

It seemed like it took forever for the green fruit to ripen, with me worrying the whole time that they’d be misshapen. I lost my first red ripened ones to the Myna birds before we netted the plants. After than though, I got more and more fruit, to the point they exceeded KK’s needs and the rest of us were having them in salads.

Something to say about these guys is that they love sun. The garden bed I planted them in gets different sun along the bed, and the plant at the end with the most sun was the most successful. It also had extra fertiliser in the form of a humanely killed Myna bird.

It’s not that I have a black thumb, I just have a forgetful thumb. I’m good at planting things, but I’m not very good at watering them. Luckily GD is good at these things.

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  1. Graeme Dillon Graeme Dillon

    I love the taste of the tomatoes, l am in the process of trying to grow a few plants.
    I have a question,
    Do I need to stake my plants? What height do the stakes need to be?
    Regards Graeme.

    • Hi there Graeme,

      You will definitely need to stake your plants. It’s going to vary based on the quality of your soil and the amount of water you give your plants. My soil now has a full round of compost and pea straw on it, and I water it with the laundry water twice a week. Thus I needed 180cm stakes! You might be able to get away with shorter stakes, just remember to train your tomatoes so they are one strong stalk (not all branching).


  2. Suzanne Suzanne

    A “humanely killed Myna bird”???? Seriously? I no longer have any interest in reading this article, nope!

  3. John yass John yass

    Myna birds are a total pain to birds and humans
    Great info on growing the tomatoes will now
    Have a go thanks john

  4. Janet Tiffin Janet Tiffin

    I love perino tomatoes. I’ll put a couple aside in the next purchase and save some toilet rolls!

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