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Steak at home, a non-frugal meal


See that meal? Well, I didn’t cook it, so that’s a change. And I even managed not to ask whether the ingredients were purchased on special. It doesn’te look cheap though, but it was better than a restaurant steak and cheaper than that for sure.

Let me walk you through its deliciousness. First I ate the mushroom with balsamic vinegar enhanced sauce (with bacon drippings). I paired it with the roast potato hiding at the back of the plate. Mmm, delish. Then it was the double Brie which had slightly melted on the bottom.

I then got on to the meaty goodness. The sauce had soaked into the bread round at the bottom, and softened the crispy bacon on top just slightly. The steak was wrapped in yet another piece of bacon. The whole thing was a luscious flavour sensation.

Did I feel guilty for eating such an extravagant meal? No, I can’t say I did. It was prepared by someone else, using their ingredients. Plus I don’t go out to restaurants, but hardly ever have the time to actually make a restaurant worth dish at home.

What about you? Do you feel bad when you eat a ‘gourmet meal’? Do you schedule it into your meal planner? Or do you save that pleasure for when someone else is willing to do the cooking?

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