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FFS Friday – Aches, Pains and Sickness

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I’ve super been enjoying my Pilates and yoga classes …not FFS

I managed to get to a bunch of classes last week, and I felt really stretchy …not FFS

This week I seem to be plagued with pain …FFS

I have a shoulder that threatens to get RSI, and a lower back that seems to be objecting to any movement …FFS

My knee and hip keep clicking and overextending during practice …FFS

Apparently I appear to be getting old. In my 20s …FFS



I’ve just come back from a work getaway …not FFS

I didn’t get much sleep while I was there, and came back feeling like I didn’t get a vacation …FFS

Now I’m getting a cold, and it’s because I haven’t gotten enough sleep in what feels like weeks … FFS

It’s not helping with the other aches … FFS

When I got sick last time, I got an ear infection for the first time … FFS

The pain in my ear doesn’t seem to have gone away, and I bet it’s going to get worse this time around … FFS


I’d love it if the universe gave me a break for once on being sick and broken! Can’t my mental and physical states match for once?!

Dear Baby G

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