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How to eat ice cream without feeling guilty

Lately I’ve rediscovered ice creams on sticks. I’m sure other people grew up with them, but I’m pretty sure I didn’t eat one until I was in high school.

My favourite was the Bubble’o’Bill. You know, the weird face with the bubblegum nose that you weren’t really sure how to eat around? Yeah, those. Now though, my tastes are a little more refined, or so I like to think.

The most popular ice cream in my family is the Connesiour brand. The fancy expensive stuff. Normally I’d go for the Aldi imitation, but in this case they actually do taste different (no blind taste test yet though). The beginning of my ice cream downfall was the introduction of Connesciur on stick.

Mmm, yum. It’s not even particularly good ice cream, except the cookies and cream flavour. But it’s on a stick! And convenient.

So then it was one ice cream a day. Then two. Today I probably could have eaten three. I’m loving the special Drumstick flavours. Although that current ad is a little offensive, it’s all in fun!

Anyway, to feel guilt free. Well, I tell myself it’s dairy. And the latest study says that full fat dairy is no worse for you than low fat. It’s better for heart disease too! Plus, calcium. Way easier to eat a nice cream than a great big horrible calcium tablet.

My only issue was that I was supposed to be carrying out a calcium study app on my phone for the last week. But of course, I only had to fill it out every second day, and I didn’t even eat ice creams those days. Now they must think I’m calcium deprived.

I don’t feel guilty either because I’ve taken up yoga and Pilates. Both of those are really good for bone strength. I’m also not anywhere near overweight, so a bit of ice cream is not going to hurt me.

Keep exercising, eat only the best ice cream, and enjoy it guilt free.

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