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Accommodation Review: Baymont by Wyndham Indianapolis IN

While on our trip to Cincinatti, Ohio we stayed at Indianapolis IN in order to go to the fabulous Children’s Museum. I knew it was awesome already, since I had been 5 years prior. We arrived late due to the time shift between ILL and IN and just needed somewhere to stay. Unfortunately we picked the Baymont by Wyndham for two nights.

Because we had booked in late and not called ahead, there were actually only king bed rooms left, rather than double queen beds (we paid $98 plus tax for one night). So the first night, Eli and I had a double bed disabled room – the shower was awesome since it didn’t have a stupid bath at the bottom, and there was a bench to sit on and really hot water. Then the second night we had a regular king bedroom. I don’t think I’d ever slept on a king bed before!

The apartments on the first floor smelt ok, but the rooms didn’t give off an air of cleanliness (haha). The bathroom wall-paper was peeling as well. The apartment on the third floor smelt… bad. It smelled really stale. I think this hotel had both smoking and non-smoking rooms, and that really didn’t help with the general aroma. The old, grimy carpets probably didn’t help.

To add insult to injury, the wifi was pathetic. I had to reinstall the wifi drivers on my laptop to get it to connect, and Eli’s phone kept dropping out. There are multiple wifi networks connected to the hotel and they are all bloody awful. I gave up trying to get my own phone to work.

The pool did NOT look clean, and I decided not to swim. The breakfast was standard, but not well stocked. I really just wanted some fruit and yoghurt and lighter foods. The breakfast cereal was all in small boxes and was almost all frosted flakes, and the bread was quite stale. The kitchen staff were both un-understandable and unhelpful.  The staff in general just seemed a bit unfriendly, except the check-in ladies who were wonderful.

I wouldn’t stay here again – it just didn’t feel as clean as the other places and the indoor pool is really important to us, and I’d like it to be clean! It was at least pretty quiet despite being right next to the Expressway. There are no other hotels around here which is probably why it is comparatively cheaper to the rest of Indianapolis. If I didn’t have to make a split-second decision on where to stay all the time, I could properly find a decent place to stay…

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