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Review: DeLonghi Milk Clean 250ml

This is a newer version of our machine, but ours is red just like this one!

Hi there! Who else is a coffee fiend? Well, actually, it’s not me, but I’m responsible for looking after the Nespresso coffee machine in our household. I descale it when it asks me to (read: I run hot water through it until the light stops being on) and I wash the various bits when they get too grimy. I also fill the reusable coffee pods 🙂

I bought a stereo system from The Good Guys a while back, and I received a store credit after the debacle that was ordering my Gift Cards. I looked through a whole range of cooking items for something that would fit with what I needed, but also something that was zero-waste friendly. In the end, I settled for this product because it came under the $20 credit value, and I wasn’t going to spend more than that.


DeLonghi Milk Clean – does what it says it does!

DeLonghi Milk Clean 250ml

By keeping your coffee machine in excellent condition, it will ensure the quality of the coffee is always at it’s very best, as well as extend the life of your coffee machines.

  • Milk cleaner – for all milk frother nozzles and instant frothing device systems (IFD System).
  • Simple and lasting cleaning.
  • Protects sensitive material keeping it cleaner for longer.
  • 250 ml pack size.

Did this product live up to the hype? Well, I was hoping that it would clean the horrible, impossible to get out milk scum inside the milk sucker. Before this, I’d tried running hot water through it, soapy hot water, vinegar in hot water and letting it soak for a full 24 hours to no avail.

This product did as it said! Yay! I soaked the milk sucker for a couple of hours, then ran the product through. It asks you to dilute the solution a little, and I roughly eye-measured it. After soaking, it appeared that it was ever-so-slightly cleaner. Then after I ran it through once, then let it soak again, I would have said it was 85% clean. Then, I ran it through one final time, and it was 100% clean. No more stinky milk sucker!

This product saved me from buying a whole new milk sucker, and made me happy. It’s going to last a while, and I’d consider repurchasing it in the future.

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