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Review: RACV Goldfield’s Resort, Cheswick, Victoria, Australia

The three of us decided to take a quick break at the end of the Christmas period. The RACV Resorts in Victoria are really quite good, and the GPs have been to both the Cobram (really awesome, I went as well), and the Inverloch ones. They’re designed for families, with indoor and outdoor pools, often a games room, and a bouncy cushion.

The RACV Goldfield’s Resort was the newest addition, and it really wasn’t quite finished. It didn’t have the amenities that I expected from Cobram, but did offer different things. It only had an outdoor pool for the KK, which meant lathering up in sunscreen all day. The games room was laughable, and looked like the toys in it were from 20 years ago (I should know, they were old when I was a kid). And much to KK’s disappointment, there was no bouncy cushion installed.

On the bright side though, the selection of breakfast food was pretty good (not quite as good as in Queensland), and we were almost always the first ones down for breakfast. There was some confusion about when it opened on New Year’s day, but we coped. The beds were very comfortable, and although KK and I had brought our own pillows, we didn’t need them. The air-conditioning coped with with 40*C temperature.

The highlight for me was the light blocking curtains. Man those were good! I’m still needing to take a nap everyday, and those curtains did a fantastic job of blocking sunlight and noise. Also, KK has a tendency to get up with the sun and birdies singing, and that didn’t happen much at all. Or perhaps it was the swimming that wore her out…

Was this trip frugal? Well, we tried. It cost us $510 for three nights, which was with a member special of stay two, get the third night free. This included a continental breakfast each morning. Our lunches and dinners consisted of snacky foods that we had picked up at the local Aldi for less than $100. We had some leftovers, so those came home with us as well.

Not to be a downer or anything, but the day we got back I had gastro/food poisoning (how can I tell the difference?) and KK came down with it a day later. I’m not sure whether to blame the Resort or not, since Eli didn’t get sick. I could have sworn we did pretty much everything together though.

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